Scott Adams is no stranger to controversy, and his latest strips may be swinging at offsite storage services - a.k.a. "the cloud."


Read Thursday's full Dilbert cartoon here:



Read Friday's full Dilbert cartoon here:


If it's in Dilbert, it's likely that companies are wising up to the rising costs and risk of lock-in from cloud services, like those providing off site storage or file sharing.


What Are the Alternatives?


Savvy sysadmins know there's very little cloud services can do that can't be done better - and often cheaper - by well-managed datacenters and disaster recovery.


As one anonymous poster noted on SlashDot this morning.


Your Datacenter + Your HA/DR site = You control where data is replicated.

Your data + Someone's cheap cloud service = You not having a damn clue when/where your data is replicated.


How Can SolarWinds Help?


SolarWinds applications such as Server and Application Monitor and Log & Event Manager can help you monitor and control your infrastructure better than any cloud service.  Other SolarWinds applications such as Serv-U MFT Server can be used to provide storage accessible from anywhere and secure file sharing.  (For more on that, join our file sharing webinar.on Thursday.)