What comes to mind when you think of good help desk software? Ticketing? Automation? It’s probably not just one or two features that make you love or hate a particular help desk product. It’s the entire feature set—the sum of all the parts—that makes or breaks the deal.


According to a recent help desk survey conducted by SolarWinds (April 2013), IT pros look for these features when evaluating service desk software:

  1. Knowledge base management – ~52% of the respondents
  2. Automated task management - ~45% of the respondents
  3. Service level tracking & management - ~41% of the respondents
  4. Performance reporting & metrics - ~41% of the respondents

1. Comprehensive Knowledge Base

Advantages: Enables self-service among end-users, which reduces ticket resolution time, technician workload, and the overall volume of support tickets


Good help desk software should have these fundamental KB management features:

  • Proactive FAQ article creation based on the request type selected by the end-user
  • KB content categorization (external/restricted)
  • Content approval workflow & management
  • KB article import/merge capabilities


2. Automated Task Management

Advantages: Automates ticketing workflow to simplify repetitive tasks and save. Manual and scheduled triggering of tickets based on priorities. Easy workflows to assign tickets to the right tech group.


Key automated task management features you should consider: Task elements for single repetitive tasks involving multiple request types (like, for example, employee induction). Execution of these task elements in series or parallel, depending on the business requirement. Creation and prioritization of action rules that help reduce the complexity in conditional ordering of task elements and approval workflows.

3. Service Level Tracking & Management

Advantages:  Ensure optimum customer satisfaction levels by not missing SLA deadlines. Leaving no ticket unassigned, unattended adds-up to a healthy help desk environment.


Key service level tracking & management features you shouldn’t miss considering: Configurable email alerts on tickets/ticket updates to keep the end-users/techs informed. Customizable SMS text message alerts for technicians and management for tighter control over unattended help desk tickets.

4. Performance Reporting & Metrics

Advantages: Birds-eye view of important parameters like ticket volume, troubleshooting/resolution time, number of tickets per day/week. Reports to track performance and help the management take informed decisions in-tune with their dynamic IT environment.


Key performance reporting & metrics features that you would love to have: Intuitive & customizable dashboard, real-time performance reporting, reports on customer surveys and automated report delivery.


SolarWinds Web Help Desk offers a simple, streamlined and powerful help desk solution, built around the aforementioned functions. Web Help Desk is 100% web-based and offers a lot more to scale-up with your growing IT environment. Check out the video below to see it in action.



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