Are you feeling the pain of an increasingly dynamic and growing network? Are you frustrated with tracing cables to track down a problem device? Are you having trouble justifying the purchase of another switch?


Why not use a tool that can do all the hard work for you? 

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1. Switch Port Utilization and Capacity Planning


Mapping switches and monitoring the status of ports provides crucial visibility to optimize switch port utilization and also to accommodate IP subnet capacity planning. At hand information helps network admins foresee the number of switches required to support a full subnet and more efficiently scale the network. Additionally, admins can obtain the necessary data to determine the number of subnets required to attain maximum switch port utilization.


Real-time switch port mapping and monitoring provides vital information, including:


  • Switch details by ports used, CPU load, memory used, etc.
  • Port usage and capacity for every switch
  • Switch level to port level for detailed port data
  • Port configuration details and historical data of previous IP address usage


2. Tracking and Troubleshooting


Knowing the exact location to allow/stop a user/device from the network is a simple, but very valuable piece of information. Unfortunately, it can be very difficult and time-consuming to manually trace a cable to a device.


Network admins can improve issue troubleshooting and network access protection by gaining visibility into both current and historical endpoint connection details, including IP address, MAC address, VLAN, switch name, and port information. Equipped with this information, admins are better equipped to quickly locate offending devices and suspicious activity associated with an IP address to resolve network issues fast.


How can SolarWinds help?


SolarWinds IP Address Manager (IPAM) integrates with User Device Tracker (UDT) to provide automated IP address management, powerful switch port monitoring, and integrated endpoint tracking. This built-in integration provides end-to-end mapping of an IP address to connected user/device, enabling network admins to view IP address information right alongside device port and connection details in the same window.


With IPAM + UDT, you can:

  • Find out which user or device is accessing a particular IP address
  • Drill down to get network connection history for an IP address
  • See port and user information related to an IP address host or DNS assignment
  • View port usage and capacity on every switch
  • Detect endpoint devices having IP conflicts
  • Directly shutdown a port through the web interface


Make life easier! Download the IP Control Bundle to track and trace Your IP Address Footprints up to the port and user level. The physical location of the switch does not matter - everything is administered from a single web console!