Getting past practical hurdles and taking control of your entire IP infrastructure calls for a few specific essentials. What are they, and how do you use them to ensure network availability and performance.


  • Effectively utilize your IP space
  • Track IP address activity
  • Take proactive measures with real-time alerting and reporting


Let’s review the key elements in IP infrastructure management, associated best practices and solutions.

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IP Space Management


A network admin on a daily basis deals with management tasks like - Address planning, Address allocation, Centralized inventory, Real-time IP status and IPv6 planning.




If you are still using spreadsheets, note that they require a lot of manual entry and verification, are prone to human errors, and are difficult to control especially with multiple people accessing it.


To be able to successfully meet user and network requirements,


  • Maintain all IP details in a single place and update all changes and allocations as and when they are made.
  • Actively monitor IP space utilization for IP capacity planning.
  • Use access controls to know who is making what change.
  • Provision and plan for IPv6.


DHCP and DNS Server Management


Individually managing both DHCP and DNS servers is an effort, especially in networks operating with multiple vendors. Therefore, to minimize human errors and manual processes, choose a solution that interacts with both your DHCP and DNS servers. Increase efficiency with,


  • Centralized management of DHCP & DNS servers
  • Manage and propagate all updates from a common GUI
  • Active monitoring of DHCP/DNS services


Simplify Management with an IP Address Manager (IPAM)


Deploy an IPAM tool that’s easy to install, supports multi-vendor DHCP & DNS management, and simplifies troubleshooting with real-time alerting and reporting. Some of the things you’d want on your checklist for a good IPAM are:


  • Unified IP space management with consolidated DHCP and DNS management
  • Simplified troubleshooting via unified dashboard, real-time views & historical tracking
  • Preventive actions in automatic scans, IP conflict detection

Go ahead and automate your IP address management tasks to save time, reduce errors & increase efficiency. SolarWinds IP Address Manager (IPAM) offers what you need to take control of your IP Infrastructure Management. Download a trial version today!