Welcome to SolarWinds blog series “Diving Deeper with NetFlow – Tips and Tricks”. This is the fourth part of the 6 part series where you can learn new tips by understanding more about NetFlow and some use cases for effective network monitoring.

In the previous blog, we had discussed the impact of cloud applications on enterprise network and how you can track your cloud performance while effectively monitoring your network. In this blog we will look into monitoring the BYOD impact on your network and its implications.

In order to increase productivity, many organizations today encourage the usage of BYOD and telecommuting. With that network administrators have added another burden to the list of problems that they already face. With an increase in personal devices, businesses of all sizes are trying to solve the bandwidth problems caused by BYOD.

Managing BYOD without concrete policies can create significant issues for network administrators. Some of these are:

  • Increased usage of BYOD for personal reasons
  • Compromise in security and network integrity
  • Bandwidth bottlenecks
  • Increase in access by unauthorized applications
  • Problem with existing QoS policies


How NetFlow helps to monitor BYOD?

BYOD is going to add more traffic to your network and understanding the impact on the network’s bandwidth is imperative. Blocking unauthorized applications from hogging your network bandwidth is essential to having more optimal network usage as these unknown applications compete with business applications.


NetFlow helps breakdown the BYOD bandwidth usage by monitoring what kind of applications are being used, and what the sources and destinations of the increased traffic are. In depth tracking using NetFlow provides real-time information on network traffic and BYOD monitoring begins at the access layer, closer to the traffic source. By analyzing the data from NetFlow, you can implement QoS policies across the network.


Using NetFlow Traffic Analyzer, you can monitor the bandwidth consumed by personal devices and easily define policies to streamline the network traffic. Network administrators can find bottlenecks in network bandwidth by analyzing the source and destination of the traffic, and deploy policy restrictions on those devices.

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