A quick Bing search of German websites reveals a number of heavyweight secure file transfer options that require consulting services for deployment.  Our take?  Perhaps Germany's system administrators need something faster and easier.



The Elephants in The Room


Two of the first entries you will see on a German search for "secure file transfer" are heavyweight offerings from SEEBURGER and Envision Software.


SEEBURGER is a business integration and EDI company offering software for managed file transfer.  However, you can't just download and try the software for yourself without first talking to someone; their model requires you (or preferably, your boss) to hear about the many pieces of your business that need to be interconnected, even though you just want to put up a secure file transfer server and go home.


Envision Software doesn't actually make software.  Instead, they are a consulting operation that deploys IBM solutions (perhaps from IBM's Sterling Commerce acquisition) and Proginet EDI-based solutions.  Suffice it to say, none of that software can be downloaded immediately either.


And even if you could download something from these two companies, purchasing it with your credit card may not be possible.  These are enterprise software solutions...with enterprise software price tags.


Try & Buy Secure File Transfer Software Today


The recent trend in Germany, the UK and elsewhere in the EU has been for "enterprise" managed file transfer solutions to be replaced with less expensive secure file transfer solutions, such as SolarWinds Serv-U MFT Server, that are easier to deploy, easier to maintain, and easier for partners and employees to use.


Secure file transfer software is easier to deploy because it can be downloaded and installed from publicly available websites at any time.  Software trials are automatically activated and the products can normally be configured and started in less than ten minutes.  Even add-on components such as a secure DMZ Gateway can be deployed without a consultant or calls to the company’s support desk.


Secure file transfer options are easier to maintain because they can be plugged into existing Active Directory domains to provide authentication services and account information; this avoids hours of user maintenance.  Secure file transfer software may also take advantage of existing home folders, Windows shares and other enterprise storage, where other managed file transfer systems based on EDI technology practically require a hermetically sealed environment just to function.


Finally, secure file transfer products are easier for employees and partners to use.  They usually feature built-in web interfaces that allow people to securely upload and download files without requiring them to get an FTP client.  They may also allow for remote Web administration, provide tailored mobile interfaces, and send email so that even a novice user can by notified when files are uploaded, downloaded, or deleted.


Expect Native Support for Secure File Transfer in German


Yet another reason for the expansion of secure file transfer software is their growing support for the native language of their end-users.  SolarWinds Serv-U servers have native German interfaces, and support for languages is granular enough to provide different languages for different users.  To see how this works, download the FTP server today and select "German" when the installation prompts you for the desired language.


Get Affordable Secure File Transfer - Quickly


If you need secure file transfer software that avoids the hassle of "enterprise" sale cycles, deploys quickly and understands your language, consider Serv-U.  See how easy and affordable secure file transfer can be by downloading your free 30-day FTP server evaluation today.