BIND is the most widely used DNS software on the Internet. From a performance perspective, it’s quite powerful; from a management perspective, it can be quite cumbersome, especially if you’re not proficient with the command line interface.


As many network admins who manage BIND servers on a daily basis would agree, executing manual DNS updates through the CLI can be both tedious and error-prone.  Fortunately, these admins now have another option—SolarWinds IP Address Manager (IPAM).



IPAM provides the flexibility of a user-friendly GUI to easily perform add/edit/delete functions for BIND DNS zones and records, thereby, eliminating the struggles of having to use the CLI.


With IPAM, you can manage and monitor not only your BIND DNS servers, but also Microsoft DHCP and DNS, as well as Cisco DHCP and ASA devices—all from a single, consolidated web interface!



  • Reduce human error when editing DNS data through CLI
  • Reduce the effort required to edit DNS zones and records
  • Easily propagate DNS changes to different DNS servers
  • Stop maintaining multiple management consoles

Check out this video to learn more about IPAM’s new BIND DNS support.


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