To help protect and safely resolve high-risk situations on the network, organizations need SWAT force power—the kind found in the new SolarWinds® User Device Tracker (UDT).


The latest version of User Device Tracker incorporates powerful new features to help you take an even more proactive stance in controlling who and what is allowed on your network.


UDT can be tactically deployed to help you manage the onslaught of mobile devices while ensuring rogue devices stay out, with key features like:


Proactive & Actionable Controls

There are several strategic ways to proactively and actively secure access to your network with SolarWinds® User Device Tracker. First, leverage a whitelist to define a safe set of devices based on MAC addresses, IP addresses, or hostnames. Any device not on the whitelist will be seen as a rogue device and an alert will be triggered.


Second, add suspicious or unauthorized users to a Watch List so you can be notified every time they enter the network.


Finally, on detection of rogue device activity, instantly shut down the compromised network device port. This can be remotely executed while sitting at your desk.

Automatic Alerts

Being alerted at the right time is critical to take action on offending devices or unwanted network connections. With User Device Tracker, you can enable trap notifications to get connectivity information in "real time" and receive alerts whenever a device not on the whitelist connects. Additionally, you can set up alerts to notify of an endpoint port change.

Real-time Data Analysis & Reporting

UDT provides two easy methods to collect user device information:


  1. Use the Domain Controller Wizard to collect user login information. For this, configure appropriate logging levels on the Windows® servers beforehand.
  2. Poll devices for Virtual Route and Forwarding (VRF) data.


Additionally, you can leverage customizable, built-in report generation options to extract user and device information. For example, report on all wireless endpoints connected to the network.



To sum up, ensure the following ‘special weapons’ are part of your network management arsenal:


  • Proactive Measures & Actionable Controls – Whitelisting, Watch List, Remote Port Shutdown
  • Automatic Alerting – Trap Notifications, Endpoint Port Change Notification
  • Real-time Data Analysis & Reporting – Domain Controller Wizard, Polling for VRF data, Wireless Endpoint Report

Jump into action with the SWAT power of UDT to combat rogue endpoint devices with ease and deliver active network access security.



Download a free trial today and seize control of your network!