Recently, the Geeks at the SolarWinds Lab landed themselves in a bit of a pickle. Which one is faster – installing a virtual appliance with Hyper-V ® or VMware ®?

Our Head Geeks, Lawrence Garvin and Patrick Hubbard, were certain that there was only one way to get to the bottom of the situation – A Virtual Application installation bout!


Our head geeks also explain why noisy pagers or flooded mailboxes are not the only problems for IT. The biggest challenge is to have all your alerts in one place for analysis, adding notes and performing initial triage before assigning it to the right person in the right department.


Pick your favorite early and root for your favorite geek or hypervisor! (Remember, this is not a competition, it is only an exhibition - please, no wagering.)


Did your favorite Geek win? Well ,there are no losers in this battle. All IT specialists receive a gold medal with our free SolarWinds Alert Central - the perfect tool to consolidate and manage all your alerts. Just follow along with Lawrence and Patrick to install it on your virtual machine and fire it up to:


  • Consolidate your alerts from all your IT monitoring software
  • Setup automatic escalation workflows that work for each team
  • Schedule on-calls using the intuitive calendar interface
  • View status/priority of alerts with easily distinguishable icons

Put an end to those critical ignored alerts that get lost in somebody’s inbox that only your boss seems to know about.


Alert Central is not just one of our many free tools.  It’s a free product capable of handling tens of thousands of alerts for hundreds of users.

Download Alert Central for Hyper-V or VMware and get your weekends back.