Whether you've been using FileZilla® as your main FTP client for a month or five years, there comes a point when you realize it can only do so much—and it's looking a bit long in the tooth. Yes, FileZilla supports multiple protocols and, yes, it's free, but a few other options have come along since FileZilla first appeared on the scene in 2001. Here are three desktop alternatives that feature modernized interfaces, free transfer schedulers, or free synchronization tools.



Free FTP Client Alternative for Windows®


SolarWinds' own FTP Voyager® handles the same protocols as FileZilla: FTP, FTPS and SFTP. However, FTP Voyager also includes a free transfer schedule service and synchronization utilities. As a native 64-bit app using the same type of ribbon interface now seen in every Office® application, FTP Voyager feels particularly at home on Windows 7 desktops and laptops.



To get your own free copy, download FTP Voyager now.


Is FTP Voyager Really a Free FTP Client? 


Although FTP Voyager was previously sold for about $50/copy, we decided to re-release it as a free tool in 2012. So, yes: it's completely free, and it's the full version.


Free FTP Client Alternative for Mac®


If you transfer files from Mac desktops, you may want to consider an OS X client called Cyberduck. If you don't mind the "get a donation key" banner, you'll have a desktop client that supports FTP, SFTP and FTPS, just like FileZilla. The only thing you may have to get used to is the single-pane, drag-and-drop interface, but those of you with only one mouse button are probably already familiar with that. 




Free FTP Client Alternative for Firefox®


If you run Firefox as your primary Web browser, you can download and install a plug-in called "FireFTP" that provides the same traditional side-by-side transfer windows as FileZilla. Like FileZilla, FireFTP supports FTP, SFTP and FTPS connections. However, since it's entirely browser-based, it does not help with scheduled or command line-driven transfers.