Using the Serv-U Management Console on an iPad

What is Serv-U? Serv-U File Transfer Server provides a secure managed file transfer solution that gives you the ability to access files on the go through secure mobile access.

You can deploy Serv-U on Windows or Linux and you can also access the Management Console on an iPad.


The following Management Console functions are available on the iPad, including:

  • Resetting passwords and unlocking users.
  • Monitoring current activity via statistics and logs.
  • Viewing user activity and clearing sessions.
  • Granting additional access to users, groups or entire domains.
  • Configuring user, group, folder, protocol and server settings.

The only Management Console functions not available on the iPad are those that require specific files to be uploaded. These functions include:

  • Importing public SSH keys for SFTP authentication. (Creating or selecting existing SSH keys is supported on the iPad.)
  • Uploading logos for web client branding.

How to Connect to Serv-U with an iPad

  1. Make sure your iPad is running iOS v5 or greater. (how to check)
  2. Make sure you are running Serv-U MFT Server - our Serv-U FTP Server package does not support remote administration. (how to check)
  3. Connect to any HTTP or HTTPS Listener on Serv-U with the Safari web browser on your iPad. (By default, these listeners are bound to all of Serv-U IP addresses on TCP ports 80 and 443 respectively.)
  4. Sign on as an administrator to see the main screen of the Serv-U Management Console.


For more information about Serv-U and it's other great features, see RhinoSoft (Rhino Software, Inc.) - Home of Serv-U and FTP Voyager