It’s not a new issue that we face in our jobs to deal with poorly performing applications running on virtual machines. We know it would be a problem if a virtualized application were to fail, for it to not be available during a critical business process, or for some key performance thresholds to dip.


The complexity of this whole scenario is caused by the lack the visibility and data on the health of the virtualized environment including the applications running on the VMs, operating systems, data stores, as well as the VMs themselves.


Your Microsoft® Active Directory™ application running on a VMware® ESXi host could experience poor performance because the application itself had an issue, or the VM running the application had an issue. The question is: How do you get this insight into what went wrong?

  VAPP Image.png


SolarWinds introduces the all new Virtualized Application Performance Pack (VAPP) that gives you a world of visibility into all the metrics and performance data to alert and report on faults, issues and failures. You can now monitor the entire virtualized application stack and the other elements of the virtualization platform.


SolarWinds VAPP is the combined solution offering of two robust monitoring and management tools – Server & Application Monitor and Virtualization Manager. Double the tools, double the power.



Double Power of Virtualized Application Performance Pack:

  • Dedicated and graphical virtualization performance dashboards to drill down into your VMs to analyze performance
  • Map & correlate VM performance problems to datastores, hosts & clusters
  • Identify the source of CPU, memory & storage contention between VMs
  • Monitor performance & user experience for virtually any application – Microsoft® Exchange, Active Directory®, IIS, any ODBC database & more
  • Monitor server hardware faults & operating systems across platforms including Windows®, Unix and Linux
  • Free up more resources for your critical application by identifying & controlling sprawl & unused VMs
  • View application, server & deep virtualization data all from a centralized user interface


There’s no more system admin vs. virtualization admin hassle, pointing fingers at each other for downed service. Gain the power and means to identify the source of application and/or VM problems by yourself. Save precious time and effort during troubleshooting and problem resolution!


Download Virtualized Application Performance Pack today and gain deep visibility into all your virtualization and application troubles.