You might not know it, but SolarWinds has a product to manage your IT infrastructure directly from your mobile device called Mobile Admin. Now Mobile Admin comes in two parts-a free mobile client and a purchasable server. You can download the mobile client on iOS, Android, and BlackBerry devices. The Mobile Admin server installs on a Windows box, and integrates your IT management tools - such as Active Directory, SolarWinds Orion, or CA Service Desk - into a single UI that you can access from your mobile client.


Going back to the mobile client, it has three very nice, free features.




You can open a secure shell connection using the mobile admin client. If you're connecting to a computer on the corporate network, don't forget to open a VPN connection first.




Oh, telnet, you IT workhorse, you. Someday you might get to retire to greener fields.




Who really wants to open an RDP session on your phone? But if you have to do it, the Mobile Admin client provides the option. Obviously, this option works best on a tablet.


As a side note, you can't connect to a 2012 or Win8 box through RDP yet.


Pro-tip: There are more "keys" on those toolbars - just scroll to the right or left.


There you have it - three reasons to use the Mobile Admin client on your mobile device.