Did you know that you can use Kiwi Syslog Server from SolarWinds to archive your Windows Event Logs?  (Handy if you need to meet regulatory requirements such as SOX, HIPAA or PCI-DSS.)


This video shows how SolarWinds Log Forwarder for Windows can be configured to send some or all your logs to one or more syslog servers. From there, Kiwi Syslog Server can be used to archive, compress and eventually purge your logs as your retention policy dictates.


How to Get SolarWinds Log Forwarder for Windows


You can download Log Forwarder for Windows from here. And it is also included as part of your Kiwi Syslog Server download file.



After you install the software, a Windows service will automatically start, but you need to configure the utility before it will forward Windows Event Logs. Start by opening the configuration utility from your Start Menu.  Then set up at least one Syslog Server (IP address and port number) and one "subscription" (which defines which event logs you want to forward).