j4vv4d.jpgWe had shared some excerpts from the candid chat that we had with Javvad Malik, and the “Most Entertaining Security Blogger” at RSA 2013 is back with another stunner this time around!!

He is a 451 Group Analyst, but does excellent video blogs on security topics on his own website. Believe me, he is one of those rare guys who can make complicated Security and Log management tips look funny, cool and easy!!

It's very unusual yet beneficial that a security analyst takes the time to help educate people about IT security. The best part – you don’t need to read a lot to understand
what he says.

Speaking of Log Management or SIEM, he feels it’s important to know what SIEM is, how it differs from Log Management, etc. For a cool high level view on log management, let’s see what he says: