Interested in a companion to Microsoft SCCM that improves the way you support your far-flung users and machines?



What does SCCM do?


Windows Administrators use System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM, previously ConfigMgr or SMS) to manage dozens or hundreds of remote desktops, laptops, and servers far-throughout their network. In addition, SCCM offers some remote control, access, and support features above and beyond what's offered by simple RDP and command-line controls.


What does SolarWinds offer that's better?


Like SCCM, SolarWinds' DameWare offers remote control, access, and support capabilities. However, DameWare adds functionality that helps SCCM users save time and do more with less.

  • Adds convenient built-in chat, file transfer & one-click screenshot utilities
  • Adds the ability to delegate levels of access other than "full" and "read-only" to help desks & junior technicians
  • Adds the ability to quickly roll out or shut down services & scheduled tasks on dozens or hundreds of machines at once


Though built-in VNC capabilities, DameWare ALSO allows you to control your Linux and Mac machines from the same console you use to control Windows machines.


Where can I learn more?


Check out our new comparison of SCCM and DameWare. Or try DameWare for yourself in your own environment by downloading the full-featured 30-day free trial.