Intuitively, IT help desk software is designed to register issues faced by the end-users (clients) and enable the tech support team to approach the problem systematically, eventually providing the solution. In a generalized IT environment, there will be hundreds of repetitive instances requiring the same set of ‘fixes.’ This is where knowledge base management, built into the help desk software, matters the most.


End-User Benefits

  1. Ability to readily find a fix, without waiting for the tech personnel
  2. Improved service efficiency from reduced downtime, owing to faster problem fixes


Tech Support Advantages

  1. Shorter turnaround-time and reduced load on help desk staff allows them to focus on other challenges
  2. Reduced costs by self-servicing and possible elimination of phone support
  3. Fewer number of IT support tickets


End-users wouldn’t appreciate a colossal amount of ‘fixes’ thrown at them, if the information is cluttered and unorganized. It also becomes cumbersome for the help desk staff, if the knowledge base is not classified by problem, made searchable, and categorized.


Knowledge Base Management Made Simple


SolarWinds® Web Help Desk™ offers simple yet fully featured knowledge base management. Web Help Desk is 100% Web-based and eliminates the need to install separately on clients’/tech’s computers.

Suggested FAQ Articles

When a user tries to place a help desk request, relevant FAQs are suggested proactively based on the request type (e.g. IT, non-IT), and sub-type (e.g. hardware, software, etc.).

Knowledge Base Categorization – Extend or Restrict

External Knowledge Base: Searchable content, enabling the end-users to effectively find the solution.

Internal Knowledge Base: Confidential knowledge base articles and proprietary information can be made accessible just to the technical team, hidden from external users.

Knowledge Approval Management

When the IT team comes across a new set of repetitive issues with a common solution, they can submit an article (aligned to the respective service request and solution) to the knowledge base. An approver can review the article before making it available to the public or restricting it to a group.

Importing Knowledge Base Articles

The help desk team can import their existing knowledge base FAQs via the built-in import tool, and merge the content. This is yet another feature of Web Help Desk that simplifies the management of knowledge base articles.


Now, creating and managing the knowledge base need not be viewed as complicated and expensive. Web Help Desk not only offers knowledge base ease and simplicity, but also streamlined service request fulfillment, email communication, help desk management, account management, asset management, survey management, task management, reporting, and SLA management.