IT departments are the heart of most corporations. If there is an IT failure, most companies are dead in the water. No internet = no sales orders. Which is not a good thing for most companies!


Most IT departments use the method where issues are responded to based on the order in which they are received. If a higher priority issue is received, then it jumps to the top of the heap. What ends up happening is that the lower priority requests go unresolved since they seem to be placed at the bottom of the stack. If your network is running cleanly and smoothly, there is time to finish your other tasks.


Unfortunately, according to a 2012 report from Gartner, more than 60% of an IT department’s time is spent focusing on day-to-day operations and not strategic projects that contribute to the growth of the company. SolarWinds  Engineer’s Toolset includes the necessary solutions that work simply and precisely, providing the diagnostic, performance, and bandwidth measurements you want. SolarWinds was founded by network professionals and continues to design tools for the network professional.


  • Cut troubleshooting time in half using the LaunchPad, which puts the tools you need for common situations at your fingertips.
  • Monitor and alert in real time on network availability and health with tools including Real- Time Interface Monitor, SNMP Real-Time Graph, and Advanced CPU Load.
  • Perform robust network diagnostics for troubleshooting and quickly resolving complex network issues with tools such as Ping Sweep, DNS Analyzer, and Trace Route.
  • Deploy an array of network discovery tools including Port Scanner, Switch Port Mapper, and Advanced Subnet Calculator.
  • Manage Cisco® devices with specialized tools including Real-time NetFlow Analyzer, Config Downloader, and Config Compare.