Storage Manager lists the ports required to monitor and maintain your storage environment. Checking port availability before using Storage Manager can help save time and aggravation.


Checking if required ports are available


The example below shows how to investigate availability for port 162.


1. Open administrators command line.

2. Use command: netstat -ano | find "162"

3. If port 162 or 10162 is in use, you will find the process ID in the last column.

4. Open Task Manager, go to processes list, sort list by PID's (if not available: add from View, Select Columns).

5. Check which process is using the port and resolve the conflict.

Many ports used by Storage manager are configurable.Check the ports requirements page for details.


If you see the following error message in your Storage Manager log files, you might have a port conflict:,

ERROR [TrapsRunnable] [SnmpTrapsCollector.<init>] - Unrecognized Windows Sockets error: 0: Cannot bind Unrecognized Windows Sockets error: 0: Cannot bind

This error presented when no Events were received for all agents. The error message was found in the Event Receiver log and indicates a conflict on port 162. Port 162 is used by the Event Receiver service. See the KB article, Events Not Showing for All Agents for details and resolution.