If you've been a SolarWinds customer, even for a short time, then you've no doubt realized that we move at breakneck speed while continuing to evolve. Our Help system is no exception to this fast paced evolution. Currently, the InfoDev team, including myself, is exploring various new methods of providing documentation to you, the user. (It's not as boring as it sounds.)


Help with Help

My little team down here in the dungeon has come up with some interesting ideas to make life easier for you. Although I cannot promise anything, some improvements may include the following:

  • A more responsive Help system
  • Graphics that better illustrate where things are
  • Videos that demonstrate key tasks
  • A place for users to provide visible feedback on each Help page so they in turn can help other users
  • A "How To..." section that demonstrates real world examples of how to actually do something useful

That last bullet point is where you come in. To keep the pace running smoothly in eighth gear, I have some questions for you. The following are example questions. Feel free to answer any or all of them. Go off-roading and answer your own questions if you like! The bottom line is, we're looking for "How To..." questions and answers. Below are just some examples, but add to the list if you can.


Customizing SAM:

  • How have you customized SAM to make your job easier?
    • Creating a Custom View that works for you. What makes your approach efficient/unique?
    • Custom scripts – how you’ve implemented them and why. How does your custom script simplify your life? What does it do?
    • Do you use SAM to trigger third-party apps? If so, which ones and why? How does this help in your environment?
    • Do you use Groups? If so, how are objects grouped in your environment and why?
    • What other SW products do you integrate SAM with and how do you use them together?


The more questions we get with answers, the more valuable the next version of Help will be. And, if it's alright with you, we'll stick'm in the Admin Guides. (You'll be famous! - in a geeky sorta way.)