jeff13_250pix.jpgJeff Schertz is a Lync / Unified communications guru presently based in Chicago, IL. He has been a Microsoft MVP since 2008, and has made voluminous contributions to the Microsoft Technet forums, and the community at large via his blog. Jeff has been in IT for upwards of 15 years and has followed the time-honored progression from helpdesk->Sysadmin->ninja. Currently he is a Microsoft Solutions Architect for Polycom, and spends his days designing and integrating Microsoft UC solutions for large clients.


Jeff was gracious enough to spend a few minutes of his time with us to answer some questions.


How did you get involved blogging?


It really just started with tips or notes from the field. Over time I just got more into it, more in depth, less about a specific issue and more about best practices. I’m now trying to concentrate more now on things that may be unclear in the new Lync 2013 documentation.


Where do you get your topics from?


A lot of stuff comes up from Technet in the forums. There’s a lot of involvement in the forums now, but I still find interesting items that I may spend 30 minutes on in the lab and knock out real quick. Sometimes with these quick hits I scratch the surface on the topic, and find out there won’t be much documentation, and I’ll pull out wireshark and document the behavior for other people to look at as well. Because someone else out there will probably find value from that. The other topics come from stuff that comes directly to us, a lot of which is specific to the audio / video equipment I’m dealing with now. I write a lot of how-to articles / integration articles many of which are video-specific. There aren’t many folks who know the interop side of video, so I find myself writing a lot on these topics because there is not a lot out there.


What IT topics are you watching these days, and what trends do you see?


Well, the big thing really is bandwidth management. Especially in my position where we’re talking to people about ubiquitous usage of video. Video’s moving from something that would be neat, to something that executives would use, to something that everyone is going to use. Along the way, we’ve made significant advances in video resolution. Back in the day people were making CIF encoded video calls over low-quality systems. These days, everything is all about HD. Protocols and codecs, they can certainly compress some of that, but there is still a cost to it.




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