How does your company deal with IT issues today? Like toothaches, IT issues have less impact and are easier to deal with when they’re resolved quickly. Let’s face it, IT problems do not get better if you wait for them to take care of themselves. Really. What does it usually mean when you have a toothache that goes away on its own? (Think root canal.) You just don’t want to go there – with your teeth or your IT department, right? You need a plan, a schedule, effective communication, and resolution.


So what does your company do now to make sure IT problem resolution? How do you find out about issues? How do you prioritize which issues to fix first? And how do you ensure the information about the IT problems even gets to the people who can fix them?


Web Help Desk and Alert Central are two new SolarWinds products that can help you get those IT tickets resolved faster. Automating trouble ticketing and alert management positively impact your company’s bottom line by tracking issues and assets and ensuring issues are routed to the person most able to solve them, as quickly as possible.


SolarWinds Web Help Desk is a cross-platform, web-based solution that automates and simplifies complex tasks, with customizable ticketing, change management, asset management, and knowledge base functionality. Web Help Desk helps IT teams overcome the everyday challenges of managing IT operations and supporting end-users.


SolarWinds Alert Central is a FREE, centralized IT alert management software that easily integrates with Web Help Desk. Alert Central automatically manages the on call and escalation side of resolving trouble tickets, and streamlining on-call scheduling and alert management for your entire IT organization. It consolidates and manages IT alerts, alert escalation, and on-call scheduling to help ensure all your alerts get to the right people, in the right groups, at the right time. And SolarWinds Alert Central uses a simple set-up wizard to walk you through the process.


When IT staff isn’t spending time tracking down lost trouble tickets or assets, or on routine scheduling and routing processes, they can be busy preventing IT issues. Or providing in-depth support for really demanding IT issue resolution, should the need occur. For more information on Web Help Desk and Alert Central, see and