Blog_NTM_AC_CatTools.pngJust in case you missed it, March was a busy, busy month at SolarWinds. We released two new products: Alert Central to coordinate the handling of notifications from your many systems, and Network Topology Mapper to help you see what's on your network. (And maybe find a few things you didn't expect!)


On top of that, we also released a new version of Kiwi CatTools, our reliable router configuration management tool. Like other releases, CatTools version 3.9 fixes a number of bugs and adds device support (especially for MicroTik). This release also updates CatTools with SolarWinds licensing so you can manage your CatTools licenses using the same portals and procedures as you use to manage all your other SolarWinds licenses.


Other Kiwi Development


Even as we continue to develop Kiwi CatTools, work continues on Kiwi Syslog Server as well. Expect some additional announcements about this popular log collection, monitor, and archive utility product in April.