Last November, my colleague Phil wrote an article in this blog about using the Patch Manager Update Management Wizard to deploy third-party updates. A similar capability also exists in the Update Management Wizard for deploying Microsoft Updates, but it requires use of a different option. For the third-party updates discussed in the previous article, the files for those updates are physically present on the SUP, so it is possible for the Windows Update Agent to download those update files.


A different situation exists for Microsoft updates, because the update files for Microsoft updates are never downloaded to a Software Update Point. The Good News, though, is that the Update Management tool and the Update Management Wizard tool both have an option to instruct the client to download updates directly from Microsoft Update.


Update Management Wizard - Use Microsoft Update option.png

There are a number of ways in which the actual update task can be invoked.


  1. The Computer Explorer | Windows Update Scan tool can be used to scan the client against the SUP catalog to determine which synchronized updates are installable, select the desired update(s) from the scan results, and then launch the Update Management task from the Computer Explorer to have the Windows Update Agent download and install the updates from MU.
  2. The Update Management tool can be used in conjunction with the "Select Updates" option to choose one or more updates from the list of updates synchronized on the SUP.
  3. One or more rules can be defined in the Update Management Wizard, and have all applicable updates matching that rule set pulled from MU. (Note that this methodology can result in the client obtaining updates that are not available via the SUP.)