Those of you who rely on SAM know just how quickly we add new features into every release. SAM 5.5 is no exception. That said, let's back up for just a minute.


SAM 5.0 introduced the Real Time Process Explorer, and many of you were pleased with the addition of this new feature. What is it? From the SAM Administrator's Guide: "This feature is similar to the Processes tab found in the Windows Task Manager. The advantage of the RTPE is that you no longer need to physically, or remotely, log in to a particular computer and run the Task Manager to retrieve that machine's vital statistics. Information for both monitored and unmonitored processes is displayed directly through SAM using the RTPE."



Enter the Service Control Manager, now available in SAM 5.5. The Service Control Manager is the next evolutionary step following the success of the Real Time Process Explorer. What is it? Again, from the SAM Administrator's Guide: "The Service Control Manager (SCM) is similar to the Real Time Process Explorer, with the main difference being that it allows you to manage the services of monitored Windows nodes, as opposed to processes. The advantage of the SCM is that you no longer need to physically, or remotely, log in to a particular Windows computer to view and control its services. Information for both running and stopped services is displayed directly through SAM using the Service Control Manager."


Granted, the description is rather dull (I can say that because I wrote it) but take a look at the screenshot below. Starting to get the picture? This new feature is rich with vital information, with the added ability to control remote services right from this window.



If you been with SAM through at least two releases, you can probably see where we're headed. Here's what I see from my perspective:

  • Monitor everything,
  • Take action on everything.
  • Solve everything.


This is only one of the new features in SAM 5.5. For a complete list of what's new, check out the release notes. Stay tuned for the next big thing!