A recent survey asked one hundred IT administrators what "lunch out" meant. The top three answers were:

  • 55%: Something marketing and sales people get to do
  • 24%: Eating in the break room instead of at my desk
  • 21%: I get "out" - what's "lunch"?


OK, the survey's a fake, but too many of us still think that leaving the building during working hours is dangerous. Fortunately, there is a new generation of "mobile ready" (if not "mobile first") applications to help us with that.


One of those applications is SolarWinds' Serv-U MFT Server, which ships with an iPad-optimized administrative interface. This Web console launches using iPad's built-in Safari Web browser and lets us:

  • Reset passwords and unlock users
  • Monitor current activity with statistics and logs
  • Watch user activity in real time and drop specific sessions
  • Grant access to users, groups, blocks of IPs, or entire domains
  • Add and configure users, groups, folders, protocols, and other settings


...All on your secure file transfer server from anywhere, at any time. (And did I mention it uses firewall-friendly, secure HTTPS?)



Try It Yourself

  1. Make sure your iPad is running iOS v5 or greater. (how to check)
  2. Install Serv-U MFT Server.
  3. Connect to any HTTP or HTTPS Listener on Serv-U with the Safari Web browser on your iPad. (try TCP ports 80 or 443 on your Serv-U server)
  4. Sign on as an administrator to see the main screen of the Serv-U Management Console.