Verifying Data


Now that LEM is collecting your log data, use nDepth and LEM Reports to search, analyze, and report on that data. In most cases, use the nDepth Explorer in the LEM Console to search and analyze your dataa and use the stand-alone LEM Reports application to report on your data.


Which Do I Pick?


Use nDepth if you want to perform immediate search or analysis tasks, or create specific custom PDF reports. Use nDepth to:

  • Search your log data interactively
  • Search for specific variables, such as user names, IP addresses, or specific events
  • Perform root-cause analysis
  • Troubleshoot specific issues
  • Explore data and produce custom PDF reports


Use LEM Reports if you want to view or schedule fixed reports for regulatory and compliance purposes or to:

  • Automate reporting
  • Produce compliance reports
  • View reports based on specific regulatory compliance initiatives
  • Provide proof that you are auditing log and event data to auditors
  • Schedule formatted reports for LEM Reports to run and export automatically


SolarWinds Log & Event Manager collects, stores, and normalizes log data from a variety of sources and displays that data in an easy to use desktop or web console for monitoring, searching, and active response.