SolarWinds is pleased to announce the release of its latest network discovery and mapping tool, Network Topology Mapper (NTM).  NTM has a broad set of applications and use cases ranging from simple discovery of network devices to the maintenance of network diagrams to meet specific information security requirements.


Network Discovery


NTM is a robust network discovery tool that can be used on an unlimited number of networks.  This makes NTM the perfect tool for Managed Service Providers and IT Consultants that work with multiple clients.  Simply install NTM on a laptop, take it to clients’ locations, and use it to scan and map their networks.  You’ll quickly find all of the devices on a network and have them presented in an easy-to-use interface.


NTM’s network discovery feature gathers information about network nodes utilizing multiple polling methods.  These include ICMP, SNMP v1-v3, WMI, CDP, LLDP, and VMware.  Using these methods, NTM can create a comprehensive network map that shows you all of the devices on a network – even those that aren't supposed to be there.


Network Mapping


NTM uses the information it gathers from network scans to create highly accurate network maps.  Network maps created with NTM can be displayed in several ways to give you the most appropriate visible representation of your network topology depending on your needs.  Maps created with NTM contain a wealth of information about your network and the nodes on it including network speed between nodes, hardware type, subnets and VLANs.  NTM also contains a set of role classification filters that allow you to display devices based on their role or only show specific network segments.


Exporting network maps created with NTM is a snap!  NTM allows you to export your network maps to Microsoft® Visio® versions 2007-2013, PNG, and PDF formats.  It also allows you to export to SolarWinds Network Atlas format.  Maps exported to Network Atlas format can easily be imported into Orion and used by other SolarWinds products like Network Performance Monitor.




Meeting Specific Requirements of Information Security Standards


More and more, organizations are required to adhere to rules laid out by information security standards like PCI, HIPAA, SOX, and others.  Many of these information security standards require organizations to keep up-to-date diagrams of their networks.  NTM can help organizations meet these requirements with its scanning and mapping features.  NTM includes a scheduled scan feature that can be set to run scans of a network at intervals chosen by the organization.  Each new scan represents a picture of a network as it exists at that time.  These can be exported and archived to ensure an organization is meeting these network mapping requirements.


Additionally, new diagrams created at each scan show changes to network topology since the last scan.  In this way, NTM can be used to detect rogue devices or unauthorized changes to a network.


Check Out SolarWinds NTM


Like all other SolarWinds products, NTM is available for a free trial.  If you are an IT Consultant, work for an MSP, have to meet information security requirements, or just need to see what’s on your ever-growing network, NTM can help.