I was on a call today and got some great insight from one of our customers! He told me how he was a great fan of thwack and he visited it often.  We talked about the things he looked for when he came to thwack and he offered some suggestions.  He said that it would be great to have more How-To videos, e.g. for Netflow traffic management. Here at solarwinds, our awesome video team is working on creating more of these. But, in the meantime, you can find a variety of How-to videos in different places.


Central video tutorial location

The central location for video tutorials is the solarwinds Resource Center. It has a total of 305 videos in total. Here’s how you need to look for the video you are looking for. You can select the product e.g. ‘Netflow Traffic Analyser’ and the resource type as ‘videos’, sub type as ‘How-to videos’ from the left navigation pane. These are all very useful for Network Managers.

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Other places to find video

Here are the other places where you can also find the same videos, just a different way of finding them. ‘All roads lead to Rome’

  • You can find a variety of How-to videos in our ‘Library and support’ page.  Here you can see 15 videos on the bottom right of the page titled NPM training series.  And that’s just a fraction of what exists out there.  Keep drilling down into product level pages under the products section, and you’ll find even more. For example, for Netflow traffic management, go to
  • If you go to the product page for example the Netflow Traffic Monitor page, go to resources and click on videos, then view all. It takes you to the resource center again.
  • We have some of our top videos on our Youtube channel.


Resources in  whitepaper format

We also have whitepapers here. Some of the top downloaded whitepapers have been


We love your feedback here at Solarwinds. So tell me, what type of content would help you in your daily job?  Also if you have made any How-to slides or videos or tutorials to help your colleagues, please share them with the community on Thwack, that way all of us could contribute towards each other’s learning.


Happy learning everyone http://www.solarwinds.com/solutions/network-traffic-monitor.aspx