End of Life

End of Life (EOL) date is when a product, hardware or software, has reached its obsolescence and is no longer supported by the company with any maintenance or update. End of Sale (EOS) is when a product is no longer sold by the organization, but may continue to be supported.


Why do you need EOL/EOS DATES?

    • Stay up-to-date on device support information from vendor
    • Plan well in advance for network expansion and growth
    • Be better informed and equipped for device replacement
    • Track network device inventory for effective network and configuration management


Finding EOL and EOS using Vendor Sites

Browsing through a vendor site to find EOL information can be quite a headache for the already overloaded and time-strapped sysadmin. Even though vendors like Cisco and Juniper have pages for announcing EOL information, it can be a painful process finding the right information because:

    • EOL information page on vendor sites can be cluttered and time-consuming to browse through
    • Search capabilities within vendor sites are usually NOT refined to find EOL information
    • Individual vendor sites means there is no uniformity in data presentation across vendors

What is SolarWinds EOL Lookup?

SolarWinds has a launched a free web-based EOL service, aptly named EOL Lookup. The EOL data is based on vendor EOL information, but presented in a refined and easy to access way. And, it doesn't stop there. SolarWinds EOL Lookup service delivers more than just EOL dates, it provides:

    • Latest software download links for EOL products
    • Troubleshooting documents
    • Data sheets and more



SolarWinds EOL Lookup is made simple using predictive search

Intuitive data presentation in SolarWinds EOL Lookup service


You can get information on future EOL updates by subscribing for free. For now, SolarWinds EOL Lookup provides EOL information for Juniper and Cisco, but many more vendors will be added in the near future. So just sit back and relax; you no longer need to keep track of all EOL/EOS dates--everything is now available in a single repository!



Check out our EOL Lookup presentation on SlideShare.