Apparently, security is not your job after all.


In a recent security survey we asked more than a hundred IT administrators and other professionals about their roles and attitudes toward computer and network security.  Not surprisingly, almost all IT pros (86%) said that they are responsible for securing IT.  However, only about one in fifteen (7%) said that security was their full time job!


Q) What's the main conclusion? 
A) Most of the people companies depend on to enforce IT security policies have conflicting priorities and resources, not the least of which is the length of the average IT day.


Q) What else can we conclude?
A) When offered the choice between "secure and hard" and "secure and easy," IT pros will pick "whatever checks the box and gets me out the door by dinnertime" almost every time.


Fortunately, SolarWinds has a number of easy-to-use products that secure networks, secure computers, and avoid the hassles and meetings that keep everyone working too late.  Three of them are:


Are You In The 79%?

Are you one of the 79% of IT pros responsible for computer security as part of your overall job (but not your full time job)?  Are you part of a small shop where security is no one's full time job?  We'd love to hear from you in the comments below!