The Ultimate Network Management Dashboard -- A Review

You've made it! Finally. The last installment in a series of posts providing steps to create a custom network management dashboard using SolarWinds NPM. Before we get into the topic of this post--customizing web console resources--let's review what we've already done:

  • Part I presented the Network Management Dashboard concept and provided a link to the document from this has all arisen: "How to create the Ultimate Network Management Dashboard".
  • Part II provided information about restricting user access to your network management dashboard.
  • Part III discussed the necessity of organizing your network so it makes sense when you run your network discovery.
  • Part IV provided some guidance in creating network maps on which you can display all your awesome network management data.

This article, Part V, offers some details around the final step in the "How to create the Ultimate Network Management Dashboard" procedure:

Step 5
Customize Top 10 Lists. This is one of the most sought after requirements in an NMS, consolidating all of the important monitoring parameters to be available in a single view. With NPM, network administrators can customize, prioritize and organize all of their views based on their unique monitoring requirements.


You've Got an Amazing View, Here...Let's Make it Better

Unfortunately, SolarWinds NPM can't give you a server closet with a balcony overlooking the Pacific, nor can we offer you much to discuss at your next book club meeting, but we can give you a pretty sweet view of your network performance data, practically right out of the box. If you don't already have a server running NPM, check out our demo server to see what you can get, almost immediately. Click Network > Network Top 10, and you should see something like this:



"What [Resources] Are You Looking At?"

If you're logged-in as an admin on your own SolarWinds server, you should see a Customize View link at the top right of the Network Top 10 view. Clicking Customize View gives you the opportunity to select the resources you want to see on the current view. Select only those resources that help you do your job, and leave the rest. For the complete treatment, see "Customizing Views" and "Using and Configuring Subviews" in the SolarWinds NPM Administrator Guide.


Being Resourceful

If you scroll through the view to look at its resources, you'll see that most resources will have Edit buttons in the top right corner, next to the Help buttons shown above. Resources with Edit buttons may be customized. With some resources, you are limited to editing titles, whereas others, including Top XX Resources, allow you to actually indicate the number of objects listed in the customized resource. For more detailed information related to any resource you are customizing, click Help in the top right of the resource for resource-specific direction.


There You Have It: The Ultimate Network Management Dashboard

With the information you've collected through this series, you've got the ability to customize your SolarWinds NPM dashboard as you see fit. Fully tricked out or bare-bones, SolarWinds gives you the information you need to get your job done. For more information join, where you can show off your custom ride and get pro tips from other SolarWinds users.


Until next time...