If you're a network engineer, chances are you use a secure shell (SSH) client anytime you need to remotely manage a network device or a server running a Linux OS. What's more, you probably have quite a few devices to manage, which means you could have more than one SSH client window open at any given time. After the third or fourth window, how do you keep track?


There are a lot of free SSH clients out there, but not even the ever-popular PuTTY offers everything you need to get your job done efficiently. Sure, PuTTY allows you to save sessions and even use telnet, but it only supports a single connection per instance. Enter DameWare SSH Client for Windows. Not only is this new SSH client free, the DameWare client sports a tabbed interface, allowing you to manage multiple SSH sessions in a single window. Sure, you have to install it; but after you do, you only have to open it once.