I recently interviewed Alex Hoang of Presidio.  He is a SolarWinds partner who resells SolarWinds monitoring products.  Presidio generally serves large Cisco shops who are implementing datacenter infrastructure projects.


JK: Why do your clients want to purchase SolarWinds products?
AH:  While we are in the envisioning phase, we ask the client how they plan to monitor the infrastructure once it’s in production.  Many customers don’t have any tools to monitor their infrastructure and the only way they know the infrastructure is down is the when customer calls.


JK:  How often do your clients purchase SolarWinds with other infrastructure solutions you sell?
AH:  We recently started working with SolarWinds in the last year and a half or so.  Right now we engage our customers with SolarWinds about 30% of the time, but there are only a few folks in the organization selling SolarWinds.  I expect that to grow over time.


JK:  SolarWinds is pretty economical.  From a partner standpoint, you are not going to make a lot margin on SolarWinds unless you drive a lot of volume.  Why did you choose SolarWinds over another partner for infrastructure monitoring?

AH:  For one, it’s brand recognition.  SolarWinds is known by everyone.  The team you have, in particular Chris Lee (channel partner technical SE & trainer) and Andrea Wagner (Channel Account Manager, sales) – the support they provide is phenomenal.  If we have someone who is not as technically savvy, they can get on the phone and work through the issue.  From a support standpoint, SolarWinds is one of the better partners I have worked with.


Right now the SolarWinds sale is a value-add for our customer, and since we don’t make a lot of margin off selling the software, having the level of support we get from SolarWinds is imperative. 
In our last project we were working with a large school district to monitor their entire infrastructure.  Obviously, with a school, price is a consideration.  We ran a successful POC and they ended up purchasing Network Performance Monitor.