...I bought one over the weekend. For the first time in five years I have a TV. Mind you, I bought the thing because of the technology, not the content that's being delivered. Let's see what I learned:

  • With over 1,000 channels, there is still nothing on.
  • LED pictures are great.
  • Based on today's content, I could be a TV producer, and make millions!


What are you watching?

Recently, I was watching a show about the men who built America. Not to go into too much detail, but it covered Ford, Rockefeller, and other biggies. The series was great. I heard stories about how these visionary men did whatever it took to make America the great country that it is today. Then the show cut to a commercial about why Chumlee was late to the pawn shop. Huh? My eyes rolled as I sighed. Is this where we are?


Some popular shows:

I've glanced at these shows, then wanted to smash my head through the screen:

  • Pawn Stars - People selling items for quick cash, often getting far less than the item's worth, thanks in part to the negotiating skills of the employees.
  • Storage Wars - People buying lockers of junk and trying to make money off of it.
  • Parking Wars - City employees who love giving out parking tickets, towing cars, and otherwise making car owners miserable.
  • Honeybooboo - Where is this slice of Heaven located? "Sketti," butter, and ketchup as a meal? Words fail me for trying to describe this concept.

How these are on the air is beyond me. What's next? Metal Detector races? After going through all the channels, I added about 12 to my favorites list. Pathetic.


The Smart TV

I did not get one. I just got your basic, garden variety, flat screen model. I don't know much about smart TVs, but there are security issues you should be aware of. For instance, they can spy on you.There's the next big show! A show about people watching their TVs! Gold Jerry, gold!


Daily Use

I have a feeling I'm going to turn that TV into a huge monitor for my laptop at some point. I mean, even the remote control is complex. (If I'm not careful, I could launch an ICBM.) My co-worker had an interesting use case for his TV and Dameware. You may want to check it out here.