Storage Manager able to monitor storage environments containing storage devices from different vendors. These devices often use different terms to describe the same technology. The table below lists many of the array manufacturers Storage Manager can monitor and the terms these manufacturers use to describe Collections, Arrays, Raid Groups, and LUNs.


Manufacturer*CollectionArrayRaid GroupLUN
3PARSMI-SStorage ServerStorage PoolVirtual Volume
Dell EqualogicSNMPGroupsPoolVolume
Dell MD3K (LSI)SMI-SArrayStorage GroupLUN
EMC CelerraTelnet
EMC VNX, CLARiiONSMI-SArrayStorage Pool, Traditional Raid GroupLUN
EMC VMAX, DMX, SymmetrixSMI-SArrayStorage PoolDevices
HDS USPV (HP XP, Sun 9K)SMI-SArrayStorage PoolLUN
HP EvaSMI-SStorage SubsystemDisk GroupVdisk
HP P4000 (LeftHand)SNMPClusterPoolVolume
IBM DS 3K/4K/5K (LSI)SMI-SStorage SubsystemVolume GroupLUN
IBM DS 6K/8KSMI-SStorage SubsystemArrayLUN
IBM SVC, V7000SMI-SClusterMdisk GroupVdisk
LSISMI-SArrayVolume GroupLUN
NetApp (IBM N-series)APIArrayAggregateLUN (Volume)
PillarSMI-SBrickStorage PoolLUN
Sun 2K/7K (LSI)SMI-SArrayDisk GroupVolume


*NOTE: This is not a comprehensive list of storage devices supported by Storage Manager. Visit Supported Devices for more information.