The following procedures will help you troubleshoot MAPI issues relating to SAM. For example, you get the message: "MAPI profile not found."

Note: Do not use the same mailbox for multiple MAPI UX monitors. Doing so can cause the MAPI monitor to intermittently fail.

MAPI Probe Diagnostic Checklist

Install Collaboration Data Objects (CDO) or Outlook

  • CDO can be found here: If you would like to install CDO, uninstall your entire MS Office installation. Uninstalling Outlook only is not sufficient.
  • The MAPI probe may be unstable when running with Outlook installed. If this is the case, uninstall Office then download and install CDO.
  • The Orion Server is in the same domain as the Exchange server being monitored
  • The user account used to monitor the mailbox with SAM has permission to login to the server console and has done so at least once.
  • The user account to monitor the mailbox with SAM is in the local administrator user group of the server where SAM is installed
  • MAPI component is using the FQDN for the domain account.
  • The MAPI profile does not need to exist. The probe should create it and also update the existing profile with the required settings. However, there may be issues with an existing or created profile. The default Outlook profile is called Outlook.
  • If this profile does not work, create a profile with the MFCMapi free tool, availabe at:
  • Review the Configuring and Integrating MAPI guide for any additional requirements and troubleshooting steps.

Check the MAPI profile

  1. In the MFCMapi tool, navigate to Profile > Advanced Profile > Launch Profile Wizard, keeping the defaults on the first dialog.
  2. Set the profile as default.
  3. Update the profile name of the newly created profile in the MAPI probe.
    • Use MFCMapi to find the profile name: Navigate to Profile > Show Profiles for verification.
    • Check that Send Email To: is correctly filled out in the component settings.
    • The Mapi Profile Name must match the actual profile name. Use the MFCMapi tool if you are not sure about the name.
    • Credentials used for the probe must be eligible to open the mailbox. It is required to add the user to the local Administrators group, otherwise the probe can fail with insufficient privileges.
    • Use a clean mailbox created for monitoring purposes. A mailbox full of email is problematic as it takes a lot more time for the probe to search through all of the emails. The MAPI probe deletes obsolete, undeleted messages sent by the probe in the past to keep the mailbox clean.