Little good comes from a Monday...unless its another award!  DameWare_Wins_5_Stars_From_Soft82.png

Today we were thrilled to learn that DameWare Remote Support earned a 5-out-of-5 star rating from  The award comes just two week after DameWare was first listed on the site, and one month after DameWare was recognized as the top remote control application in's Reader's Choice Awards.

"As a system admin, I cannot imagine life without DameWare," wrote Dave from Kansas in a recent online review.  "I found it 10 years ago and it never leaves my side. I've bought a copy for every employer I've ever been with. For as much multi-tasking as I do, it really helps not having to get up and physically touch each machine I have to work on."

To report YOUR experiences with DameWare (or other awards we may have missed), please let us know in the comments below. 
Or, if you are new to our award-winning remote control software, download DameWare and start your free trial today.