Ease of use. Three very powerful words in the world of software development. We don’t like it when our customers stare at their screens and say, “Um, now what?” in a baffled tone. We have been working hard to make our log management software SolarWinds Log & Event Manager easier to use and that includes developing the new Add Node wizard. The new wizard walks you through, step by step, what used to be a confusing array of screens and information.

Adding a Syslog Device


To add a syslog node device:

  1. From the Op Center dashboard, click the Add Node button in the Node Health widget.
  2. Select Syslog node.
  3. Enter the IP Address of the node.
  4. Select the Node Vendor from the list.
  5. Configure the node so LEM can receive syslog messages. If you need help, click the links provided for enabling specific vendor devices.
  6. Select the I have configured this node so that LEM can receive its Syslog messages check box.
  7. Click Next and our log event analyzer LEM then scans for new devices.
  8. Click Finish.


Back on the Op Center, the Node Health widget has another new feature: Scan For New Nodes. The new Scan for New Nodes button scans syslog data that has been sent to LEM. This is useful if you have sent many devices and want to configure them all at once.

At the top of the Op Center screen, a message displays New Connectors found. If you click the View Now link, it shows the recommended devices for these connectors.


These procedures are further explained in an informational video from our Training department.


For more information on log management and what it can do for you, see SolarWinds Log & Event Manager.