A few weeks ago, we surveyed the SolarWinds Community to find out what challenges they are facing with IT alert mangement. 156 people filled out the survey. I posted some of those stats, here. Since we have established that alert management is a pain in many organizations, let's talk about how that pain is felt. In that same survey, we asked: "What are the biggest challenges you face with alert management?" and the responses, in a word cloud, loook like this.



The most common responses were:

  • False positives
  • Getting a timely response
  • Getting the alerts to the right person on the right team
  • Having enough resources to handle the alerts


At the same time, the consequences for missing an alert, or not addressing it in a timlely manner, were pretty dire. These included:


  • Critical system events missed
  • Unscheduled downtime
  • Disk fills
  • Customer impact/staff impact
  • Delay in problem identification and resolution
  • Lost revenue
  • Lost data
  • Missed SLA targets


Some respondents identified very uncomfortable personal consequences including: "having to attend meetings with angry customers" and "customer complaints resulting in having my boss sitting in my office" and even, "it comes up during review time." Ouch.


So we asked, what features are missing from your alert management process? And this is what the respondents told us.



Do you agee? Are you feeling the pain of alert management in your organization? Where is that pain being felt, and what would make it easier in your organization?