Meeting Security and Compliance Customer Needs

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EasyStreet uses SolarWinds Log & Event Manager (LEM) to provide Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) to their private cloud customers. As a cloud services provider, EasyStreet offers a spectrum of services, with SIEM and Log Management as recent additions.


I spoke with Byron Anderson to find out the backstory.  Here’s Byron:


“It all started with a single healthcare customer with a private cloud and mandatory HIPAA regulatory requirements. The customer had one employee spending over a half-day per week manually reviewing log files. Needless to say, manually reviewing log files is yawn-provoking and generally not a good use of human time. So, EasyStreet came up with a new offering for this customer to provide log management using SolarWinds LEM.”

“After this initial implementation, more customers came to EasyStreet with compliance and SIEM needs. EasyStreet now has two distinct markets for their offering in their private cloud customer base: customers needing SIEM for security analysis and automated response, and customers needing to comply with standards such as HIPAA and PCI. At this point, EasyStreet has several customer deployments and several more in the pipeline.”

EasyStreet sets up and configures the LEM appliance for the customer. A dedicated LEM appliance is required for each customer. They also provide configuration services that leverage LEM capabilities and intrinsic best security and compliance practices while adding value in tailoring LEM for each particular customer. EasyStreet creates Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and escalation policies for each of their customers.


Each customer has unique needs, including:

  • Whether EasyStreet or the customer does ongoing monitoring
  • Notifications required
  • Reporting required


Read Log & Event Management for Security & Compliance to learn more about working with EasyStreet to implement SolarWinds LEM at your company.   Or read more on SolarWinds LEM to learn more about product capabilities.