Walking the Line between being Interesting and being Mean

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I just had the pleasure of speaking with Bill Brenner, author of the Salted Hash – IT security news blog on CSO.  It’s one of my favorite security blogs, because it has new security stuff (not a rehash of old boring topics, pardon the pun), it’s painless to read and consistently intriguing.


Bill’s been blogging on security since 2005.  He is, in fact, not only a blogger but a journalist, reporter, columnist and podcaster with over 20 years of journalism experience.  His favorite blog subject is helping security professionals communicate more effectively – a problem which is exacerbated by the colorful personalities and Rockstar egos abounding in the security profession.


Some of Bill’s recent posts are on IT security things you might expect, like “new security features in Firefox 18,” and “Your January 2013 Patch Tuesday update.”, but also peppered in there are provocative topics like “When American drones kill American citizens.”   The blog is great for security admins and engineers to keep up on current events.


Bill’s also a judge for the Security Blogger Awards, which has a meetup at the yearly RSA show.  In his spare time, Bill also plays a guitar, has a passion for Heavy Metal, and writes a non-security blog about breaking down stigmas associated with mental illness called THE OCD Diaries.


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