This holiday season, we here at SolarWinds are digging through the Geek Speak archives to find relevant blog posts from years back that continue to get traffic. Since these posts have stood the test of time, we're bringing them to your attention here so you don't have to wait until you have a specific question to enrich your knowledge.


One such post is Understanding SNMP Polling and Counters. In this post, the blogger mentions two frequently-asked SNMP questions:

  • How often should I poll my devices?
  • How do SNMP counters work?


The actual post goes into a lot more detail than this, but in brief, the answers are:

  • Most organizations poll their devices for statuses every 5 minutes.
  • An SNMP counter is one of two types of MIBs, the other type being a guage. Poll counters to get statistic information, such as traffic rates, as opposed to status information. Sometimes, statistics polling can be less frequent than status polling, with a common interval of 15 minutes for non-critical connections.


If you're interested in similar topics, plug a few keywords into the search bar and see what strikes you.