This holiday season, we here at SolarWinds are digging through the Geek Speak archives to find relevant blog posts from years back that continue to get traffic. Since these posts have stood the test of time, we're bringing them to your attention here so you don't have to wait until you have a specific question to enrich your knowledge.


One post that caught my attention was Understanding how Trace Route Works. This is a good topic of which to have a general understanding, and the blogger shares a useful resource to help with that. The funny thing about this post is he spends more time plugging Wikipedia as a valuable knowledge source than he does on the actual details of how trace route works.


This is not to say the post isn't worth reading. On the contrary, I mirror my colleague's sentiments about the free encyclopedia, as I use it all the time, whether blogging or writing "print" documentation. More and more, however, I find myself using Geek Speak in the same fashion.