Cisco's Smart Business Architecture


The development of Cisco's Smart Business Architecture (SBA) for Mid-Sized Networks was designed to help you narrow down the number of choices available when designing your network. Cisco SBA provides a series of blueprints designed to simplify solutions for businesses with between 250 and 1000 employees. Specifically, the SBA can help you:

  • Determine which gear combinations work together
  • Configure them to talk to each other.

SBA provides recommended hardware selections and combinations, network designs, and even includes recommended configuration templates. It makes the process of acquiring gear, designing the network, and configuring everything to work together much easier.

If you haven't had a chance to checkout the Cisco SBA I highly suggest that you do. You can read more about it here. It can significantly simplify a sometimes tedious and confusing process


See how SolarWinds fits into your SBA solution:


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Also, check out the Cisco SBA blog for Government Solutions.