The value of bookmarking sites that provide useful reference information can be measured by your repeat visits.


In the past couple of months this post on NetFlow drew over 600 views, which is a large number for a page 3 clicks away from the landing page.


This first part of the 7 part series gives you an overview of the NetFlow standard and a tour of the NetFlow v9 datagram. The post provides links to 6 other parts of the series on flow technology, which cover the NetFlow v9 packet header, template flowset, data flowset, options template, Cisco device models that support NetFlow, and a good example of a flow collector application.


As you remind yourself of the basics, and dig into the details of NetFlow, keep in mind that SolarWinds Network Traffic Analyzer incorporates many useful views of the flow data your devices may collect. And NTA provides an excellent extension to a Network Performance Monitor  implementation.