How to Manage DHCP Servers using SolarWinds IPAM


SolarWinds IP Address Manager (IPAM) offers powerful and centralized management of Microsoft DHCP



Using SolarWinds IPAM you can easily

• Add new or edit existing Microsoft DHCP servers and scopes.

• Set, update or delete reservations, reservation status and DHCP properties, including IP ranges and



SolarWinds IPAM solution allows you to manage both Microsoft DHCP servers and Cisco IOS DHCP



Adding a DHCP Server


Note: All DHCP servers must already exist as nodes before IPAM can monitor them.

There are two options for

adding nodes.

• Entering nodes manually one at a time

• Using the Network Discovery Wizard to add multiple nodes.


Once the DHCP server is added as a node in Orion server, you can add it to the IPAM web console by clicking

IP Addresses tab >> DHCP & DNS Monitoring >> DHCP Servers >> Add New >> DHCP Server



This will open up the Add DHCP Server page. Now, you can choose the required DHCP server from the list of

nodes (already discovered by Network Discovery Wizard or manually added) and create or choose credentials.

Click Test, and once the test is successful, click Add DHCP Server to IPAM web console.



Now you have successfully add a DHCP server to IPAM. From here you can begin to Edit the Properties for each server, split scopes and assign reservations, if needed.

To learn more or see for yourself how powerful IPAM v3.1 is by test-driving our live demo or if you’re ready to take the next step, you can download a free, fully functional 30-day trial.