Looking back at the past decade, its mind boggling to see how the IT model has flipped on its head. Things that were once an exception are now the norm and ironically a lot of organizations aren’t keeping with the pace of change in datacenters and network management.

While IT teams are doing all they can to address increasing scale and complexity, data center networks remain anchored to physical devices and manual processes. This worked OK in the era of static IT, but the enormous growth of network devices in the IT space has led to data center networking discontinuity. This has resulted in significant network operation challenges. Network performance management remains a significant issue for organizations of all sizes as IT departments grapple with emerging technologies and legacy infrastructure.

What’s more concerning, is the amount of time it takes to detect a problem, determine its cause and then going to troubleshoot it. The trouble stems from lack of a robust performance management tool, followed by scalability issues, complex usability, and a lack of real-time reporting. To add more woes, the presence of legacy network performance management tools cannot keep pace with emerging technologies and trends such as virtualization which are creating new challenges for IT departments.

Some basic things you need to check in network management tools:

  • Does your NMS provide a way to proactively detect problems?
  • Does your NMS automate network mapping when new devices are added to the network?
  • Do you have visibility of your network usage?
  • Does your NMS support monitoring your wireless devices?

These networks carry business-critical services and applications, and are required to deliver high-performance while maintaining no downtime. In many cases, these challenges may force you to upgrade the network infrastructure. If this is your situation, it means that your IT management solutions exist as silos and it’s high time that you upgrade them.

Data centers should perform continuous profiling and monitoring of the end-host network stack, coupled with algorithms for classifying and correlating performance problems. Achieving network performance excellence is an essential step toward ensuring overall datacenter excellence. Accurate performance monitoring provides the only way to detect and resolve network issues.

SolarWinds helps you flip the darkness and rise with a network monitoring software. It simplifies the monitoring of your network components by providing a unified view of data center network health through a single pane of glass.

SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor software makes it easy to quickly detect, diagnose, and resolve performance issues before outages occur. It is an affordable, easy to use tool that delivers real-time views and dashboards that enable you to visually track and monitor network performance at a glance.


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