For over 10 years, DameWare has been providing remote support solutions to system administrators and other IT pros.  The latest product offerings from DameWare, part of the SolarWinds family, include the popular remote control software, Mini Remote Control, and the robust remote support software, DameWare Remote Support.  Today we’re happy to announce a new remote support tool that IT pros can add to their tool kits.  And best of all….it’s totally free!


The new free tool is called the DameWare SSH Client for Windows (catchy name, eh??).  For years, IT pros have had to choose between free tools like PuTTY with limited feature-sets that aren’t often updated and paid tools that provide a rich set of features, but that can cost well over $100 per license. The DameWare SSH Client is a completely free SSH client for Windows that bridges the gap between expensive paid software and limited free SSH clients.  The DameWare SSH client provides several features that are usually only seen in expensive alternatives.  Like other DameWare products, the features included in the SSH client are designed to help IT pros save time and money and are packaged in an easy-to-use interface.


Get Your Tabs On


You wouldn’t use an internet browser without tabs, would you?  Then why use an SSH client without them?  The DameWare SSH Client for Windows has a user-friendly tabbed interface that lets IT pros manage multiple SSH or Telnet sessions from one console.  Give it a try and see for yourself how easy it is to manage multiple sessions.  Just like tabbed browsers, we bet you won’t go back!


Quit Re-typing Your Credentials


If you’re anything like the busy system administrators I’ve worked with in the past, you’ve probably got several SSH and Telnet sessions going at one time.  Most likely you’re connecting to computers and devices that require different credentials.  The DameWare SSH Client for Windows includes a very handy feature that lets you save multiple sets of credentials for easy login access to all the devices on your network.


Saving Sessions = Saving Time


Like most network environments, yours probably has a handful of devices and computers that you access more frequently than others.  The DameWare SSH Client for Windows includes a feature that lets you save your favorite sessions.  Rather than retyping session information like machine name, IP address, and login credentials, simply choose from the list of your favorite saved sessions, click connect, and voila’!


The DameWare SSH Client for Windows – It’s Half the Price of PuTTY!


What is half of zero?  Zero!  That’s how much the DameWare SSH Client for Windows will cost you.  Download it for free and it’s yours to keep.  If you like it, and I’m sure you will, remember to click on the Google +1 button at the top right corner of the DameWare SSH Client for Windows homepage.