Don’t tell your manager about the SolarWinds SysMan Hero browser game


Blow stuff up, virtually

Got a sudden urge to shoot aliens but you’re stuck in a meeting and need to look like you’re working? SolarWinds has you covered with their new SysMan Hero! game.  That's right, SolarWinds is launching a game…  not another free tool or product, just something fun to help you get through the day, blow off some steam, etc. It’s a blast and plays in your browser right over your favorite web pages.  It’s easy to get started and the gameplay is classic and engrossing enough to keep your attention.



Sysman Hero is an overhead 2D shooter, with combined elements from arcade vector classics, and it feels familiar right away.  It’s also web based there’s nothing to install- just click and go.  You start by choosing your hero (and a spaceship), and then use rotation, thrusters, shields and your blaster to zap space bugs before they eat you and your web page.  The intro level is deceptively easy and provides a warm and as it turns out, unwarranted, sense of mastery.  Make no mistake; SysMan Hero can light you up in the rounds beyond.  I thought this was just for grins at the beginning, but ten minutes later the springs in my spacebar were begging for mercy.


What are you waiting for?

There’s nothing to download so check out SysMan Hero now right here ( and let me know what you think. There is a space (SolarWinds SysMan Hero!) in thwack dedicated to the game (feedback, share some tips, give us suggestions for future enhancements).  And, keep an eye out for additional one day bonuses and inter-community challenges. 


No one will know you’re playing a game over the company website.  Be warned a couple minutes later your mad clicking and arm twitches may give you away. If your manager asks what you’re working on, just tell him the truth, you’re squashing bugs.